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November 2016



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Nov. 10th, 2016



okay my day has been made
I just saw a fill for a ImagineSteveRogers post that I wrote! YAY!
I am soo giddy! I wasn't exactly what i had in mind but it was so good I didn't care anyway!

part 2 of the House of Arthadan, part 4

okay part 2 won't be coming until after the sun turns back for spring, but I have gotten some notes and such done for dividing up the story.
part 4 just got it's chapter titles and a brief read through so I can pick and chose what parts I might delete, and i think one part might just get the ax, so to speak.

thanks for following me and please keep following, I might have some art for the series up.

Oct. 13th, 2016


A Light from the Shadows: Part one of the House of Arthadan/Rogers Series

it's finally up. please read the AO3 version if you can, and review.
I need a Beta to help me write a better summary. I suck at them.
also there is a new set of deleted scenes to read for the story. I couldn't make them fit, so I left them out for the bonus chapters.

I would love it if someone could make me up some cover Art. I banner would be cool, but if no one is interested, i'll do it myself.

Oct. 7th, 2016


the House of Arthadan Part 1

I did it!
Part 1 of the five part series is complete. i just need a Beta to ensure i don't make any silly mistakes.
i was crying towards the end of the Captain America cannon stuff i wrote, and if i do say so myself, i think i did a pretty good job.
i recomend listening to the soundtrack of the last call with Peggy from Steve while reading that part: it will make you cry. it made me cry!
I want you all to read it and follow me as I finish posting the last parts.

Sep. 19th, 2016


A light from the Shadows Beta

I might have a beta! Yahoo! I have no idea how it works! I am glad though, this guy picked up on things i didn't notice or just fudged because i didn't know. I hope they take up the challenge. they'll be in for a very long haul if they do, part 1 of five, not including the little timestamps I outlined for after this is finished. I need to finish this before winter, or even the first frost, because once that happens I won't be typing until the spring thaw! it is way too cold in my studio/office.

Jul. 6th, 2016


Part one of the House of Arthadan Series

A Light from the Shadows: Part one of the House of Arthadan Series.
Part one is up for viewing. its only the first two chapters but I have 7 of 18 written, so I am being generous.

Characters:Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sarah Rogers, Joseph Rogers, George Barnes, Winnie Barnes, Becca Barnes, Original Cannoncal Characters, Original Characters, Feanor, elves, Haldir, the Howling Commandoes, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Col. Philips, ect.
Summary: What if Steve Rogers had more than just human blood flowing through his veins that gave him the potential to become the first Super Soldier; what if he carried the Blood of Numenor? What if Bucky'd had a child during the middle of the war. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are in for a hell of a ride through the most violent and bloody war in world history; and in the middle of it all, a life is about to be born that will change the fates of them all.
Follow this tale as it unravels over the span of two thousand years, from the Fall of Numenor, to the crash of the Valkyrie in 1945. this is part one of the House of Arthadan/Rogers Series

chapters 1, 2 and 3 on AO3, and chapter 1 and 2 on ff.net
Please read and Review on either site, and give me a Kudos or fave if you like it.
looking for a beta for this, just so you know. and maybe a second artist. I'v got some work done but I would love a banner or something.

May. 17th, 2016


Character concept: the house of Arthadan/Rogers

I have a visual aid for one of my characters from my series
this is an unfinished version. I will post the better fullly completed version later. but for now enjoy.
This is Yasha
WIP Drawing3

Apr. 29th, 2016


Vote on the photomanip

I have two photomanips that I did today for my new fic series. I cannot choose which I like best so You guys get tot choose.
the only criteria is this: must look enough like Steve to be scary but have a bit of someone else so that it isn't just a clone.
this is a Stucky pic, so please be nice. I spent a few hours on it.
Poll #2043562 Manip Drawing vote

Which version you you like best, #1 or #2

left (Joseph 1)
right (Joseph 2)

Joseph Rogers
there is a larger version of the pic here at my DA account.
please vote and comment.

Apr. 25th, 2016


Finished Outline the House of Arthadan Rogers

I am finally done! I did it! I set a goal and I made it.
I am crying right now. I worked so hard on this and I have put a great deal of my love and commitment into the emotions of each and every fully written moment. Writing the ending was so hard! I think I might start sobbing. I rounded off the story to look right back were it all began for Captain America: in that little recrutement exam room and on the night before the procedure, with Erskine seeing what no one else would beyond the weakness and frailty: strength of heart and a good man.

I loved writing the outline, and telling you all about it, even if none of you commented. it was a heck of a roller coaster ride in some places, and I honestly thought that I would reach 100 pages but nope, even with the very brief outline of the second part of the fifth story, which is more of a guide to set up how it will be written rather than actual scenes, it only came to 90 pages and just under 45,000 words; most of that being the lion that became part 4, with a whopping 37 pages, part four only made a meager 20, with the epilogue and timestamp outlines.

the last was a small little goodbye for the story that I think will be very short when actually written, and I will most likely be sobbing by the time I am done. I hate having an ending, but it will be a very tidy ending; with all the strands tied up nice and tidy giving it a bittersweetness that will hopefully make you all cry in a good way when you read it, because I am on the verge of tears just thinking about it.

I have two writers I must thank for their rules of writing an LOTR tenth walker story: Telcontar Rulz or Mordaen if you know her better there, and Dr Matthattan who both follow these rules to the letter. if you haven't read their work check out the links and give them a read. I promise you, you will not regret it. Telcontar Rulz/Mordaen will make you laugh out of your seat with the Kingdom of Heaven Crossover. read the first three in the series if only. you will laugh and cry, but mostly laugh.
the Doc has a place of honor here for inspiring me to create this monster of a crossover. I know it doesn't look like it but this was always leading up to the LOTR crossover. It was a long and arduous journey but I hope it will all be worth it in the end.

Now... onto the nitty-gritty: the Story. I will write them! it might take a while for the first one to come out but it will be worth it when you see the blending of the lotr Tolkien verse with Cap and the MCU.
I kept my promise about not being too influenced by the CIVIL WAR movie arch. there are some hints as to what was going on, here and there. I gave it my own idea of what was happening and blended it with my preexisting idea; and I must say that it came out beautifully! I even managed to wrangle in T'Challa a bit with the fight scene from that clip. I will give a Teaser if it is requested and start posting my costume and Character designs for Steven, Bucky's son. I have yet to create designs for the other characters I created but I will get there.

okay now... I hope that someone out there that loves this kind of story will post here and want to see the first draft, because I am looking for a beta. Requests, recomendation and suggestions are welcome.

thank you all for your patience

Apr. 21st, 2016


part 4 outline finished

I did it! I finished the longest outline I have ever done to date. 37 pages! 37! I went a little over board. (shrug) I think I have fleshed out what is going to happen in the next part and I am well on my way into the fifth and final part of the arch. I might have to break part 5 up into a trilogy to keep it from being too long, but hell it already is too long. 73 pages of outline written, and I can say with sincerity, the end is in sight. I am almost there and I might get it done before the Civil War comes out in just over 2 weeks.
wish me luck and pray that I have the patience to actually write this mostrosity.
I will post a teaser for the fifth part once I have it written. don't worry, I will have it ready.

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